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If you google the search term criminal law, you will often find handcuffs as a pictorial answer. However, criminal law begins much earlier than with handcuffs and is much more complex than this striking symbolism makes it appear. In the case of a criminal investigation it is always important to get qualified advice immediately.

Contact us immediately after the problem has arisen In the event that criminal proceedings are instituted, any hesitation or ill-considered statement without competent legal assistance can make your situation incurably worse.

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Any hesitation, ill-considered statements and actions towards the investigating authorities without the assistance of a lawyer specialising in criminal law can irreversibly worsen your situation. Even if the investigators do not directly come up with an arrest warrant or even carry out a house search, the initiation of criminal proceedings represents a situation that usually makes the person concerned very insecure. The interaction of the different authorities is often confusing and overstraining for the layman.

As nationally active criminal defence lawyers, we use our experience, competence and assertiveness to protect your rights in criminal proceedings. Regardless of which public prosecutor's office is investigating against you - as a law firm for criminal law in Hamburg we are at your disposal at every police station and every court.

Contact us as soon as the problem arises: If criminal proceedings are instituted, any hesitation or ill-considered statement without competent legal assistance can worsen your situation incurably.

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What is the role of the lawyer in criminal law?

According to the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO), it is the sole task of the lawyer to protect the rights of the client and to contribute to the clarification and observance of all actual circumstances favourable to him.

The lawyer's assistance function is to protect the client in his legal position against the criminal claim of the state and to help him to exercise his rights sensibly. The special feature of the lawyer's work is his one-sidedness in favour of the client, characterised by a special relationship of trust between the lawyer and the client. The lawyer is obliged by law to maintain the strictest silence with regard to all information he has received from the accused. Even a reliable knowledge of incriminating facts does not prevent the defence counsel from using all legal means in the interests of the defence of the client and from working towards a cessation of proceedings, an acquittal or at least a sentence.

One of the necessary prerequisites for a promising criminal defence is therefore 100% openness between the accused and his lawyer. There are no facts which one should conceal from his lawyer.

A successful defence always begins with a discussion of the matter - depending on the factual and procedural situation in our office, at the police station or in the remand centre.

Give your lawyer "pure wine", your defence lawyer will do everything in his power to make the course of the criminal proceedings and his own legal activity transparent and comprehensible for you, as well as discuss with you which strategy is the most favourable for you in the respective situation.

Every criminal case is an individual case, there is no general plan. Just as the popular wisdom "silence is gold" is not always valid in criminal proceedings, it would in principle be advantageous to provide information on the matter at an early stage or even to make a confession.

You should therefore always discuss with your defence counsel whether, when and what kind of information will be provided. In some cases, early declarations can lead to a suspension of proceedings or to a milder sentence. In others, the prosecution authorities are first "tracked down" by their own declarations; then it is advisable to let the investigators "run aground" by persistent silence, in order to work towards an acquittal or a suspension for lack of evidence.

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